Problem during the new updates under Manjaro Gnome

Hello everybody,

I made the last updates under Manjaro Gnome with the pamac graphical interface. During these, the system hung, and I had to restart the system. So the update system did not perform properly. After restarting, the system works, but pamac tells me that all updates are done. I tried to restart the updates via a tty console with the command: sudo pacman -Syyu, but nothing happens. It tells me that the system is up to date. My question is :

How to force the system to reinstall all the new updates proposed previously?

Thanks for your help.

You can try to force de update with
sudo pacman -Syyuu

Clean your pacman-cache, update your mirror-list and try again:

sudo pacman -Sc
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

This does not help here. This command with “uu” is useful if you change branch from unstable to testing or testing to stable as it’s downgrading the packages to the level of your branch to avoid you have newer packages than compatible to your remaining packages of the new branch.

Thanks, I will try it.

Thanks, then I misanderstood the mean of the second “u”


your tip doesn’t work, the system still tell me that it is up to date. :frowning_face:

Then try:

sudo pacman -Scc
sudo pacman-mirrors --country all --api --protocols all && sudo pacman -Syyu

@Wollie: your tip doesn’t work. The system still say me that it is up to date. No problem to use the system despite it. I will close this topic. Anyway, I will switch the PC from Manjaro Gnome to Manjaro Kde because Kde is better.

@all: Thanks for your support. :wink:

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