Problem after updating nvidia drivers

So I had to update the nvidia drivers from 440xx to 450xx, as otherwise pacman -Syu wouldn’t run. I’ve removed all packages related to 440xx and installed 450xx, and used mhwd -r to remove the old video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-440xx-prime and then installed video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-450xx-prime. Doing mhwd -li shows this driver is installed. However, inxi -G says this about the nvidia device:

Device-2: NVIDIA GM107M [GeForce GTX 960M] driver: N/A

In light of that, it is probably not surprising that nvidia-smi says “NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn’t communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running”.

My question is, what am I missing? Why isn’t the driver being loaded?

because this is a laptop
that use hybrid-video-card , that you have remove ( 960+M means Mobile Hybrid card )

I have a 970m card in my hybrid but if I run nvidia-smi it doesn’t give me error it list the nvidia card with 0 processes running (unless I’m using prime-run on something)

Yes, it did the same for me when I was running the old version of the drivers. Now, however, the drivers don’t seem to load even though they are installed.

Have you tried the 455 drivers? They are working fine on my 970m

The 455 don’t appear to be available, at least they don’t show up with
mhwd -l

The 455 drivers are in stable now, maybe they don’t support your card :pensive: which is strange as the 970m isn’t much newer. What’s available in manjaro settings gui?

I’ve managed to fix it. The problem was that my packages were out of date, as I was unable to run pacman -Syu before. I hadn’t thought to run it yet after manually removing all the nvidia related stuff, but after having done so I was able to install the 455xx drivers and now everything works! So thanks for the help.

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