Problem after [Stable Update] 2020-12-03: Shotcut: failed to dlopen /usr/lib/mlt/ - maybe rubberband related

I noticed only today, while going to exporting a video on Shotcut video editor:

The exporting failed with the following message:
mlt_repository_init: failed to dlopen /usr/lib/mlt/

/usr/lib/mlt/ is owned by MLT (6.22.1-4) which coming from Official Repository; maybe MLT need to be rebuilted?
The previous version of MLT (6.22.1-3) didn’t gave this error.

EDIT: As I installed rtaudio (which provides the mentioned error went away, but now there is another error:

“/usr/lib/ladspa/ invalid ELF header”; such fille is owned by rubberband 1.9-1.


While I was searching for a solution, firtsly I tried to replace mlt from community repo to AUR, but the problem was still there; then I downloaded a new release of Shotcut from the official repo: v20.11.28 Releases · mltframework/shotcut · GitHub

And all errors went away.

Well, in facts the problem resided in Shotcut; now I manually updated it from Testing repo using
sudo pacman -U

So… Properly solved :slight_smile:

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