PrintScreen doesn't work

I found this thread about the PrintScreen button not working. The solution there was that it is working again and so the post was closed.
Now I tried to use the PrintScreen button but there is nothing in the clipboard.
I normally use FlameShot but now I have to capture the screen while I’m selecting a menu in an app. (I’m writing a user manual). So going down to activate FlameShot is not possible and I could not find a hot key in FlameShot to capture the screen with a key.
Am I the only one who’s PrintScreen button is not working or is it broken again?
I have Plasma Version 5.27.4

no it is not

perhaps you need to open spectacle and then configure the printscreen function - when I am creating manuals I am using the delay function to be sure I get the right shot

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Hi @thinman,

Since you already use it, I’d recommend sticking to it. I use it, also with Plasma, and it’s working like a charm.

Check that the shortcut for it is configured in System SettingsShortcutsShortcutsShortcutsFlameshot as mine is below.

Furthermore, in the Flameshot configuration itself, ensure that have the option checked in the General Tab to launch it at startup:

Hope this helps!

Thanks both of you!
@linux-aarhus : I’m using Flameshot, therefore I marked that as a solution but yours is just as well a solution for all who use spectacle.
@Mirdarthos : your hint to the Plasma Preferences made my day. I was looking for a shortcut in the Flameshot preferences.

I love Manjaro with Plasma but sometimes it is still a bit complicated. In a perfect world, pressing PrtScr without any key-binding would pop up a window with a question “what would you like to happen when you press this key?”
Like in the shell, when you start a command which exists but it is not installed yet, it asks you if you want to install it. Super convenient.
Or having a REC icon in the task bar to redefine a key or a part of the screen…
Anyway, thanks for the solution!

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Spectacle already does that - sort of - depending on your settings

Thanks, I will take a closer look at Spectacle and compare it to Flameshot.

do you think it would be good that the first time you press the key a a window will pop up asking you what to do with it? :slight_smile:

If the key has no default keybinding then yes. There are many different multimedia keys on modern keyboards and not all of them has a binding. Also, if you press a key combination which is not yet defined, the system could ask you what you would like to do now. Would be much more convenient than trying to find the proper preferences and add the entry manually.
But please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not complaining… I’m dreaming… :smile:

so when you write too fast and in error press a and b at same time, a popup should appear asking you what did you want this to be assigned to? To me such dreams sound a lot like the universally dreaded microsoft clippy office assistant :slight_smile:

I agree that it’s not a good idea.
I also agree that it is a good idea.

Which got me thinking: perhaps if KDE detects a non-standard, unassigned keypress, it’ll give you the option to customize it, or leave it unassigned…but only the first time it’s pressed.

Leaving it unassigned by KDE then, allows other software to capture and use the keypress.

But it’s just an idea…leave it, use it…


Isn’t wayland such that all key assignments must be done through the plasma compositor/display server? So no such thing as “other software to capture and use keypress” but in all cases the other software needs to register their combo with compositor, and have it delivered.

Not ever having used Wayland, all I can comment is


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