Printing. Will not connect to localhost

I am new to Manjaro and new to the Raspberry Pi. Seem to have sorted everything but printing. Downloaded ‘manage printers’ (I think system-manage-printers). When run it states ‘not connected’. Start service button asks for my password, then nothing seems to happen. Connect button gives cups server as localhost, but when the connect button is pressed the error ‘failed to connect to server’ appears. Cups web server is no better. localhost:631 unable to connect.
What am I doing wrong?
The official Raspberry Pi OS connects immediately, but I don’t like using that system.
p.s. Thanks for all your hard work. Other than printing, the Manjaro Arm distro works very well.

I don’t know if the arm version is different but did you try to start the cups service?

sudo systemctl enable --now cups.{service,path,socket}

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I will try that now. Me and the command line are miles apart

Do I have to change service,path,target to something? Typed in that line and got Unit file does not exist

I’m sorry for the confusion, let’s try with socket instead of target.

Thank you. It now works. This is the best thing with Linux. Ask a question, and usually an answer is forthcoming. Again, thanks very much

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Perfect, could you mark this thread as solved by clicking the “Solution” button on my post above?

I’ve edited it to reflect the actual solution.

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