Printing watermark

hello in windows there is a way to add watermarks like, copy, draft, confidential, in printer properties even if the printer is connected via LAN,

how can this be done in manjaro?

I have a Brother printer and I do not see a setting to do that, however, in Libreofficewriter, you can try Format-Watermark.

How about this, seems straightforward enough

if i understand that correctly, that is not useful because the watermark is added to the pdf file not just when printed

it alters the pdf file and that invalidates the pdf signature, so the only option is to have a duplicate file just for the watermark …

I didn’t know that we were talking about PDF. Master pdf editor (version 5.x.xx from the AUR), though it is proprietary, has the ability to add a watermark to a pdf. Document-Watermark-Add. You would have to play around with appearance and scale relative to target page etc. in settings.

is not worth the headache, will use windows for printing having the same printer 4 times with preset watermarks and just picking the desired watermark from the drop-down menu