Printing: There should be instructions for all DEs

Printing - Manjaro includes the following section:

  • Desktop Interface: A standard desktop wizard is also available, which should be instantly familiar to those who have configured a printer before, whether using Linux or another operating system such as windows. Note that you may need to install the system-config-printer package using your favorite package manager or by using the command:

pamac install system-config-printer.

…but that’s GTK specific–and not labeled as such.

There should be instructions for all DEs. KDE users, for example, should install print-manager not system-config-printer. I’m sure there are other DE specific programs too, for XFCE, LXQT, etc.


I’ve updated the wiki page, the update is pending review. I’ve only updated the packages. It’s almost night where we live. I’ll see if I can update the “CUPS Desktop Interface” guides tomorrow.

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