Printing is all dotty and blurry even with high DPI

I have wasted too much time trying to fix this myself, and this is certainly one of those moments where I get triggered by people who claim “Google has the answers to anything”. I can find no mention of this issue anywhere online, which is very infuriating for such an extreme and reproducible issue. I am trying to print from a Brother HL-2170W and as you can see, the printed document is unusable, but the footers are as expected. (can’t embed images or links, why???) . Printing from Windows works perfectly, of course. Any suggestions? This happens regardless of DPI or print delivery method (USB, network, etc). I tested all drivers related to my printer, but the one “recommended” ( HPIJS driver)one has the “print filter” error that results in dropped print jobs 100 percent of the time (I was able to find “solutions” to that via Google but none of them worked). Thank you for any advice. It’s an extra level of heck trying to troubleshoot an issue that nobody else seems to be having. My theory is that it is forced into a graphics mode that is incompatible, since this printer does not have any graphics/text mode settings in the Windows config application. That would explain why documents are so horrible and footers are normal.

Majaro KDE, all latest updates installed at time of posting.

huh? The driver is available from the AUR: