Printer seems set up (drivers etc) but not printing

I’ve set up my new printer - Canon Pixma G1530.

lsusb recognised it correctly (1030 series), gutenprint found a recommended driver (G1000).

When sending a file to print, the job turns up in the print queue, then reports that it has printed successfully (logs give positive sounding "kde-print-queue “cfFilterChain: ghostscript (PID 44413) started.” and
"kde-print-queue “Finished page 1…”)

… but nothing happens.

Not one molecule of ink is deposited onto page, the printer remains stoically unaffected by Cups’s insistence that the job is “completed at…” as all attempts seem to show.

I realise that individual printer help is going to be a niche interest unless I’m lucky enough to stumble on someone who happens to have a G1530. What I’d like some help with is any clues as to where the problem lies. Am I still looking at driver issues, even though everything from Cup’s point-of-view seems to be working fine?

I meant to add…

I’ve downloaded the drivers package from Canon for this exact product G1530. I can’t use their installer (it’s only in for Ubuntu and Debian), but the tar has all the PPD files in it, and there’s no PPD for the G1530, the nearest is 1030, which is what Gutenprint has. So I’m deducing from this that Gutenprint has it right. If Canon themselves think the G1530 doesn’t need it’s own PPD, but can get by with the generic 1030 series one, then it can’t be that Gutenprint has.

So it strikes me as unlikely that Gutenprint has the PPD but not the driver?

You might find something compatible here that you can bend to your will. Perhaps the canon-pixma-ts5055-complete 6.40-1 which seems to support G1020 and G2020, among others.