Printer+Scanner recommedation?

I am looking to buy a Multi-function printer/scanner for home use. A Basic inkjet model is just fine.
Wi-fi would be ideal.
Do you have one that works well with Manjaro (gnome) ? Let me know, please! :kissing_heart:

I contacted Epson, Canon & HP but they won’t answer other than “we don’t support Linux”
I don’t want to buy something & it not work.

EDIT: I guess I only have myself to blame for these replies in not providing evidence of the research.
Yes I did research, for many days. Openprinting is very out of date. none of the printers on there are for sale in the UK on Amazon. Other forums & online reviews are many years old. Every post in Manjaro Printing is about things that don’t work, nothing that does. Its a frustrating situation.

& I don’t know how you can say canon etc don’t want to do my research for me, their actual JOB is to answer pre-sales questions. LOL

actually: they all do
… to some extent

but they likely didn’t feel like doing your 3 minute google research for you -
you essentially asked them to do it for you :wink:

The Arch wiki (… use keywords like scanner …) is pretty comprehensive and helpful as well :wink:

For the least hassle, pick one with driverless protocols, such as IPP and AirPrint for printing, and AirScan for scanning.

You are expected to be able to do your own research and draw your own conclusions about which product best suits your individual requirements.

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