Printer Samsung ML 1660 issue

i have detected that the samsung ml 1660 printer stops working with kernel versions higher than 5.8 in any manjaro desktop environment. works perfect for example with kernel 5.4. I don’t know if it affects other printer models.

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On a rolling release model, kernel management becomes a thing, so if 5.4 works for you, please stay on 5.4.


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I have ML-1640 and it wasn’t working by me neither (with kernel 5.10).
After seeing your topic I tried 5.11 and it’s working again!

Edit: It’s kinda working, it first prints an error page and then it starts printing.


Linux is not Windows: latest kernel is not always best. 5.4 is a robust LTS release and if it works, use that. Only when you like to experiment and file bugs and help other (less advanced) users downstream or have very new hardware, should you be running experimental kernels.

5.10 has very recently become an LTS so it’s not as solid as 5.4, so I have both installed and normally run 5.10 until something breaks and then I file a bug and boot into 5.4 until a new release comes out and then I switch back to 5.10.

If you want more of these little bits of wisdom, please read this:


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