Printer listed in Chrome, but not in okular

My printer is correctly listed in chrome, and printing works from here.

However, when I open a pdf in okular and try to print it, my printer is not listed here.

Any ideas, what I can do?

Do you have setup the printer with CUPS ?

Yes, I did it with CUPS.
I have setup the printer in chrome-browser with localhost:631

As I noticed, my printer is listed in /etc/cups/printers.conf (here are two printers: my printer at home and my printer at work).

However in /etc/cups/printers.conf.0 there is only listed the work printer, not the home printer. The work printer is the only one, that is listed in okular. My home printer is missing there.

Could that be a hint, how to fix the issue?

I have the same problem. I have to print pdf files with Xournal. My canon printer is enabled in the printers menu and I can print txt odt or doc files too in libreoffice or chrome

After installing cups-bjnp canon printer is available in Okular’s printer list

it is a bug in kde 455798 – Network printer missing in the print dialog of KDE apps, while available and working in the system settings and all non-KDE apps


In todays update everything is working

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I didnt get any update notification, yet. Do you know, when this update will be available for manjaro kde?

I am in unstable branch so probably in a couple weeks for testing and a month for stable. That if they didn’t rush it as a critical bug and end been deployed next weekend :wink:



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