Printer issue brother mfc j430w

I just installed manjaro gnome and I did include my printer brother mfc j430w in wifi mode a and it says it’s ready and as a model:Generic text-only, but when I try to print a page using libreville office writer
it says “Could not start printer Please check you printer configuration”
How can I make it print ?
Please all help is greatly appreciated

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Just so you know you are not alone, I do struggle with my new Brother and a Ricoh. Accordign to some Linux pros there are some custom driver in AUR repository for many otherwise not compatible printers and there is a command line way to install/config them if you are able to. Thats all I know.

See this here:

  1. Go into your menu and click Add/Remove software.
  2. Click the menu and hit Preferences. Click the AUR tab.
  3. Enable the AUR:
  4. Click the menu again and select Refresh Databases
  5. Click Search. Type brother-mfc-j430w.
  6. Click Build. Your driver will be downloaded and installed.

Now you can add your printer. It might have been auto-added as a local printer; you can remove that one and add it again, selecting the network printer (it should find it on your network).

hello I did try but it is saying in impossible to construct lib32 file and will not make complete anything still having the same problem always sayngi only print to pdf I have Manjaro gnome the latest verison

There is a driver for your printer in the AUR. To download the driver, first make sure that yay is installed. Open the terminal and type:
sudo pacman -S yay

Once yay is installed, download the driver for your printer as follows, open a terminal window and type:
yay -S brother-mfc-j430w
… and follow the prompts on screen. Good luck!