Print screen doesn't show my desktop


I am having a strange problem that I don’t know how to diagnose. Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction

On my laptop, when I hit Print Screen, the image is only of my current desktop… 20% of the time? Most often it’s an image of what my desktop looked like some minutes ago. Sometimes it’s an image of the lock screen. Sometimes it’s another window I had in focus a few minutes prior.

Additionally, if I record my screen with something like SimpleScreenRecorder, it’s a flicking mess, again showing what look like past images of my desktop.

I don’t know how to begin diagnosing this. I suspect it’s a graphics issue. I’ve looked at the Arch wiki and found nothing.

I am using the latest stable Manjaro - KDE desktop. I used to have this exact same problem on Arch Linux. I recently migrated to Manjaro and it’s the same issue.

This is my laptop (reformatted as I am not allowed to post links apparently) - h t t p s : / / wiki . archlinux . org/index.php/HP_Spectre_x360_-_13-aw0xxx

It has the makings of a sci-fi plot. Is my graphics chip travelling through time?

Hi @Lewis2e :wink:

Could be possible that it is an vsync problem. Try to disable it:

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Amazing. I think you nailed it. Just done that and the problem seems to have gone.

Thanks so much!

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