PrimeOS not showing in Manjaro boot menu

I have 3 operating systems on my laptop: Windows 10, Manjaro and PrimeOS. Win10 is on my embedded storage (128GB), and both Manjaro (128GB) and PrimeOS (64GB) are on my 256GB NVMe SSD.

The Manjaro boot menu is the first thing that shows up whenever I activate my laptop, and I have 4 choices: Manjaro Linux, Advanced options for Manjaro Linux, Windows Boot Manager and UEFI Firmware Settings.

The location of each of my Manjaro partitions is as follows:

Boot (mount point is /boot/efi): /dev/nvme0n1p1
Root (/): /dev/nvme0n1p2
Swap (swap): /dev/nvme0n1p3

I just recently installed PrimeOS at the partition /dev/nvme0n1p4, which follows the Manjaro Swap partition. The mount point is /run/media/cookymonzta/PrimeOS. I’ve given it the label PrimeOS, obviously.
It is formatted ext4, as is Manjaro.

Unfortunately, when I boot up my laptop, PrimeOS does not show up on my list of boot options in the Manjaro boot menu, and I can’t access it. It doesn’t show up in my UEFI boot menu, either. Is there a way to add PrimeOS to the boot options?

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Yes there is a way, but grub will not detect it. You need to add a custom entry.

Later grub versions might have the chance to detect OSs with split images like we have: Firmware and Kernel. So you have two options: uninstall the firmware image for your CPU or use Manjaro Grub as your bootloader.

I have Manjaro GRUB as my bootloader (I think). It is the first thing I see when I activate my laptop, since the SSD took priority over the embedded storage once I inserted it and installed Manjaro on it. Where do I go from there, because I don’t want to take any chance of bricking my laptop by tinkering with the CPU firmware image.

Have you gone into Manjaro opened up a terminal and typed sudo update-grub

Yes. The PrimeOS entry did not show.

Did you do what megavolt said in the above post?

Not just yet. The code shown was written for Debian, and I assume I have to make changes tor my Manjaro setup. On top of that, I think I may have to (re)set the root in correspondence to where my PrimeOS system is located on the SSD (namely, the 4th partition, after my Manjaro boot, root and swap partitions).

Let us know when you have accomplished it.

It works. PrimeOS shows up as the last entry in my Manjaro boot menu and it boots into PrimeOS. But does it interfere with my Windows 10 setup?

In Manjaro, my Windows drive is the first drive on the list of drives in my laptop; but in Windows, my NVMe SSD (with Manjaro and PrimeOS) is the first drive (Drive 0). In the code for my edited 40_custom file (for which I made a copy of the original in case I have any problems), I have the root set to ‘(hd0,4)’ because PrimeOS is in the 4th partition of my SSD.

There is, however, one problem: My PrimeOS (which uses Android 7) does not automatically recognize the presence of Wi-Fi. As was the case with Manjaro on my laptop, a hardware driver for my Wi-Fi card must be installed

There may yet be another problem: I have the Mainline version of PrimeOS installed, and trying to access the Web with an Ethernet cable plugged in has been quite glitchy, and I may have to switch to the Standard version.