Prime-run displays different number of FPS than nvidia and dri_prime

Again, this is a two video-cards laptop, what I want is to have the amdgpu running most of the time, nvidia to turn on only for gaming or cuda (the way optirun works)

What I’m seeing right now is that I get strange results for the FPS count.

glxspheres64 gives 147 FPS/164Mp/s (AMD RENOIR)
prime-run glxspheres64 under AMD gives 145 FPS-162 Mps
glxspheres64 under NVIDIA gives 1556 FPS - 1736.975730 Mps
prime-run glxspheres64 under NVIDIA gives 230FPS-257Mps
dri_prime=1 glxspheres64 (under amd) gives 146FPS-166Mps (also, not always writes NVIDIA, sometimes it writes AMD Renoir which is very strange)

Since the difference in the FPS is huge, I guess something about prime-run is not working properly.