Preview pane (F11) not showing previews after update

Hey everyone, I’m having an issue with dolphin file explorer after a recent update. The preview pane (shown by pressing F11) is broken. I’m not sure when it happened, but it worked a few months ago. All it shows now is the size, type, and acessed/created/modified dates. Previews work fine otherwise inside the folder itself. Previews of images, videos, pdf’s, etc, all show up in the actual folder window. Any ideas?

Do you have the packages required?

A few were suspiciously missing, but it still isn’t working sadly.

Try to reset the dolphin setting to their default values. Sometime changing the setting can cause problem. After this retry.

Nope, still broken. The F11 pane just shows the typicals last access date and filename.

I have discovered the problem. With the preview pane open (pressing F11 brings it up,) you must right click the preview pane and click “Preview” so that is now highlighted.

This right click menu contain quite a few options:

-Auto-play Media Files
-Show item on hover
-Condensed Date
-Unlock Panels

This seems to be a very simple solution, but looking back through the menus, I cannot even find a button in the menubar to show the information(F11) pane. Nor can I find any info on this secret right click menu online. Simple solution, but painfully simple lol.

So to recap, I cannot find an actual menu button for the F11 information pane (despite knowing how to use it, and im pretty sure it used to exist,) and there is a hidden preview option under a right click menu on said F11 information pane. Hopefully this post helps other users who find it. Thanks again fellas.

You mean this menu I suppose, which is activated when right-clicking anywhere in the preview area;

Yes. Sorry I didnt check if i can post images here yet or i would have.

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