Prevented to upgrade to most recent package (emacs-27)

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I have Manjaro installed on two systems (desktop and laptop). On my desktop I was able to upgrade emacs to version 27 a couple of weeks ago. However, on my laptop, I am still stuck with version 26.

I have confirmed that the emacs package is not prevented from being upgraded in pacman.conf. I do not know if the issue is limited to emacs or if other packages on the system similarly are prevented from being updated. When using and updating the system, I do not experience any errors/problems.

Any ideas what could be responsible for that behavior?

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Both the emacs and emacs-nox ─ which I myself prefer ─ packages in the repository are at version 27. The only version 26 I can find is emacs-gtk2, which is an AUR package. So maybe you’ve installed emacs from the repository on the desktop and emacs-gtk2 on the laptop? :thinking:

Thank you for the warm welcome!

I also though about that possibility (or me building the package from source). But no, the package installed is for sure emacs 26.3-2 from the extra repo.

In that case, I can only advise… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

I have no explanation for why or how you ended up with an outdated version of emacs on your system. :frowning:

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Thank you, it worked! Many other packages needed to be upgraded after running the pacman-mirrors command, among them emacs. What is strange is that before running the pacman-mirror command, I was still receiving packages update (but not all of them). Any idea(s) what could have happen so I can avoid a future issue?
And should I mark this topic as resolved?

Again thank you for the help!

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You probably had a mirror in there that wasn’t fully updated yet, or that was broken. It happens. :frowning_face:

Please do. :wink:

You’re welcome. :beers:

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