Prevent Standby for declared Applications

Is there a way to prevent Standby or Sleep in KDE if a declared Application is currently still running?

I’ve used caffeine-ng in the past, it used to be in the official repositories but is still available from AUR - AUR (en) - caffeine-ng .

The apps in fullscreen should generally toggle that automatically.
Also, at least on XFCE, there is the “presentation mode” if you click on tha battery icon, which is essentially the same as caffeine - disabling standby.
Otherwise - caffeine. Or custom script checking every minute if app X is running, disabling standby with some kde internal command (like dconf or xconf for the other desktops).

Still let’s hope some kde user chimes in.

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In KDE you can click on the Display Configuration icon in the system tray & select “Enable Presentaion Mode” to stop your system from suspending.

Alternatively, you can use systemd-inhibit to launch any application for which you want to keep the system running, eg: systemd-inhibit minitube.

systemd-inhibit defaults to inhibiting “idle:sleep:shutdown” if no options are included in the command. You can view all the options at: systemd-inhibit — Execute a program with an inhibition lock taken