Prevent password failures from locking user


It seems that Manjaro by default locks user authentication for 10 minutes if a correct password failed to be entered three times in a row. This is actually very annoying and I would like to disable it, but I’m not sure how. Can anyone help?

… how about choosing a password that you can reproduce reliably? :wink:

Actually, what happened is that I entered my password several times using the wrong language/keyboard layout without noticing! It happens to the best of us. I usually have no problems entering my current password otherwise, but I’d still like to disable it or at least tweak the number of maximum retries.

It does. :wink:

But that is no reason to wanting to alter security levels. Not to me.

Take a look at this: pam_faillock(8) — Arch manual pages

FYI: There is also faillock --reset. If you are still logged in.


In addition to the above: Lock out user after three failed login attempts


Thank you all for the clues, I modified /etc/security/faillock.conf and enabled 10 attempts instead of 3 :slight_smile:

I understand your point, but I feel that 3 attempts is a bit too aggressive. Maybe disabling it entirely isn’t the right solution, but I think it’s reasonable to allow more attempts like 10.

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