Prevent Bluetooth starting Automatically on Startup / Resume

I have currently installed Manjaro Gnome Edition on my laptop and am a beginner in linux. On every bootup I see that bluetooth is turned on automatically.

I tried the following command to disable startup:

sudo systemctl disable bluetooth.service try this

But it looks like it completely disabled Bluetooth for me (wouldn’t turn on at all). Basically, I just want it disabled (turned off) when I boot my laptop or resume, but I would still ne able to enable it when I needed it.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

edit /etc/bluetooth/main.conf


that should do the job
please remember to enable the bluetooth.service

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So you turn it off in the settings and it gets enabled again? When I remember correctly, then gnome just toggles rfkill (software switch) and usually it should save it.

Check this on the terminal:

rfkill list
rfkill block bluetooth
rfkill unblock bluetooth
rfkill toggle bluetooth

Thank @Olli, this was the fix to get things working properly for me. Thanks!

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