Prettify cryptsetup password prompt possible?


I’m working on a laptop setup with Manjaro Architect using a full disk encryption. As this is a setup for my better half, I would really like to prettify the cryptsetup password prompt. Searching for this did not bring up anything useful.

Is there a way to integrate this into a grub boot splash or something similar?

In the meantime I found Plymouth, that is supposed to do what I want. But unfortunately the Plymouth splash only appears after the password prompt.

As I’m currently testing this in a virtual box machine this might behave different on the target laptop.

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You will need to add plymouth to your initrd. Please read this Arch wiki article on the subject.


HOOKS=(base udev plymouth ...)


  • If you use hard drive encryption with the encrypt hook, you must replace the encrypt hook with plymouth-encrypt and add it after the plymouth hook in order to get to the TTY password prompts.

Read more - Arch Wiki Plymouth


Be extra cautious, do it wrong and you’ll lock yourself up and would need to fix with live Manjaro and chrooting into the broken encrypted media.

Thx for the hint. I did as described in the Arch wiki and the splash does show up. But as I wrote in my first post, it only appears after the password prompt. I even added the graphics driver to initrd. Does not make a difference.

I didn’t realize it was this you meant. I have never excelling in encrypting my system - sorry I didn’t get it the first time. I think it is due to the /boot being encrypted and thus not accessible until the passphrase has been entered.

I know there are several topics in the now archived forum. Maybe you can find something there

Update: I managed to get this working. The only difference I made with a new test installation was to mount and install grub to /boot instead of /boot/EFI.

So installing Plymouth and the Manjaro Plymouth Theme, then following the steps from Plymouth - ArchWiki. In case of my VirtualBox installation no kernel driver was needed to add to initrd.

What about just prettifying the tui?

Here is something I threw together to illustrate my point:

This prompt can have all the same information, but it looks more like plymouth, warns about caps lock etc.

I reckon with some basic ascii art it would come pretty close, and be functionally the same.

Of course I do not know how easy it would be to implement, but I think it would be aesthetically leaps ahead and more appealing than what we have now