Pressure sensitivity problem

i am getting too much pressure on my huion tablet even when pressing lightly and i want it to be a lot harder (it was a lot harder on windows) and pressure isn’t consistent it reaches up too fast and after reaching almost top it is controllable

also thick lines are ending too thin(i think it’s because of weird pressure too but not sure)

bending the curve doesn’t help i’ve tried copying almost same curve i was using on windows but even at hardest curve it reaches up too fast i can’t get the lowest levels

Not sure what options you have in Graphic Tablet Settings, under Stylus tab, but you can play with the Raw Samples Rate and the Suppress Rate

If you want the Tip Feel to be different, then slide the slider from Soft more towards to Firm.

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sorry for bothering you i just didn’t put the pen nib properly and it was being wobbly creating all those problems and thanks for all the help

No worries, there is no bother. So, now all is as it is supposed to be once you fixed the nib? If that is the case we can mark you answer as solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

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yup everything working fine

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