Prepending "[SOLVED]" to a topic when solved?

When searching, via search engines, for solutions to issues, I personally find it very handy when the title is including a phrase like “solved”. That’s why I’m adding this to the topic after a solution is found. I can’t see any forum guidelines against this practice. However, based on earlier posts it looks like this practice is OK:

Is this behaviour still OK? The reason for me asking is that some forum members are removing “[solved]” from some of my titles. If it’s still OK to prepend “[solved]” it would be nice if other members don’t remove this text. If it’s not OK using it, then I’ll stop doing this.

Obviously if forum moderator remove it every time you add it, then it seems they do not want you to add your personal tag to your thread title. When you select a solution the thread is already marked as solved.

Myself i am looking for checkmarks in discourse. Which is much nicer.

  1. You can see the best answer, so that you don’t have to scroll through the hole conversation.
  2. The checkmark is added automatically when a solution as been marked.
  3. It s just one button.
  4. If the solution is spreaded over hundreds of posts, than it is in general better to write a summery and mark this one as solution.
  5. The ArchLinux forum does not use discourse and therefore use this workaround of editing the title. The forum of Manjaro has a function for this, so it is better to use it.

Prepending title text is less effective than marking the solution post and creates extra work to maintain forum consistency and Keep It Tidy

The original Manjaro forum used to need users to prepend [solved] to discussions, but that forum was closed in 2016

Use of the solution checkmark shows the specific post in the OP so a user does not have to read the whole thread to find a solution

If users include status:solved when searching Manjaro forum, results will only show discussions with marked solutions
Or prepend a DuckDuckGo search with – !manjf status:solved

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Thanks for the input guys. Then, I will stop prepending any text. Sorry for the extra work I’ve given the forum moderators.

@nikgnomic - for consistency, do you mind updating this post as well (remove “[solved]” from the title):

By your command



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