Preload installation and speed up

hi guys i am new to manjaro but i love it this manjaro distro so much . can anyone say how to install preload on manjaro with out AUR enable . i am afraid to enable AUR on system because it causes problem . and need tips for speed up system . i am using 2023 release ASUS vivobook laptop .

What problem exactly?

I suggest you open archwiki and manjarowiki on AUR and read it thoroughly.

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after updating ARCH linux it broke the system that why i am try to avoid AUR. now i am notice the application startup was slow but not that much slow any solution ?

That’s a pretty generic statement. AUR didn’t break your system, AUR is just collection of PKGBUILDs. If however you installed something weird, then anything is possible, although highly unlikely. Thousands of us are using it without any problems.

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do you know any trick to improve performance app launching speed?

Yeah, buy a better computer? :stuck_out_tongue:


To use the AUR you need to understand how to use it, and be careful (don’t replace important stuff with AUR packages, etc). You updated the system, but probably not the AUR packages.

If you want to use the AUR then read this well.

Apart from getting a better computer…you could get an SSD, assuming you haven’t already got your system on an SSD.

Or you could learn a bit and use preload from the AUR. Take it easy to start with, just install preload and see how it goes.

System snapshots (timeshift) can help you recover without a re-install, just don’t include your user data.

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If you intend to get configuration suggestions you may want to begin with some system information.

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