Preferred Whole System Backup Tools in Q4 2021?


I’m curious what the latest meta is for the best way to do whole system backup over a network (e.g., to an SMB or NFS share).

I’ve been using a two-prong approach:

  1. Timeshift into mounted network folder (SMB): System files. I had to get timeshift from the AUR, so I have a feeling not a lot of people do this?
  2. Duplicati docker container into mounted network folder (SMB): User home folders

I’m about to set up a new TrueNAS server I will be able to use as a backup destination, so I wanted to check in and see if there was an easier/better way to do this. I’m probably going to try NFS next time, as I’m not thrilled with SMB’s performance, but other than that I’m really not sure what to do. There are enough options out there that it’s kind of overwhelming.

Backup sources are two Raspberry Pis, so neither of them will be backing up faster than 1Gbps, if that’s a concern.


This is a help forum and there is no “best way” and “preferred” is only for you, which makes this post a violation of the rules.

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