PPSSPP is not working properly

After the latest system update PPSSPP (v1.14.4 - official repositories) is not working properly.
It does not recognize a bluetooth gamepad Jetion JT-GPC023.
Before the update everything was working fine and in other emulators gamepad is working with no issue.

Go trough this and see if that helps [SOLVED] Programs don't see gamepad Connected via BlueTooth / Multimedia and Games / Arch Linux Forums

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I read the link you sent me but it doesn’t help because my bluetooth controller is working fine, Manjaro recognizes it and connects it without problem. Also it is working fine in Flycast Nightly (Flatpak), Retroarch v1.14.0 (Flatpak and official repositories), PPSSPP v1.14.4 (Flatpak). It only does not work with PPSSPP (SDL) v1.14.4 (official repositories) and PPSSPP (Qt) v1.14.4 (official repositories), but it was working fine with previous release PPSSPP (SDL) v1.14.1 (official repositories) and PPSSPP (Qt) v1.14.1 (official repositories). There must be a bug in the new update.
But thanks for help anyway.

I have been having same issues. But now a new version is also available PPSSPP 1.15.4 Stable which is lot better then previous. Apart from that I also would recommend to go through some blog posts like this one on PPSSPP Crash issues

I also went through this post and applied same tricks which amazingly worked for me.