PPPoE connection not working | Raspberry Pi 4 XFCE

Since I would like to use Manjaro XFCE on my Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.2 instead of Raspberry Pi OS as I did in the past, I flashed the new system with the Raspberry Pi Imager.
When I booted into the desktop, I found out that after creating a new PPPoE connection with nm-connection-editor, the connection does not work; it connects to it for a few seconds and then it disconnects, so I can’t connect to the internet through cable. I do not have a router. I was able tho to connect to a mobile hotspot, from which I am writing now.
On Raspberry Pi OS, the PPPoE connection worked and I don’t know what I should do/try to find out why this problem occurs on Manjaro ARM.


The rp-pppoe package is already installed by me, alonside with net-tools package.
On my x86 computer, the package is not installed, but the PPPoE connection works. I use Manjaro XFCE there as well.

After I talked with the internet provider, with their help and tinkering on their side, I was able to fix the problem.
But I still have one question: how is it that on my x86 computer where the rp-pppoe package is not installed, the pppoe connection works?
In any case, thank you very much for your response because I just tried removing that package to see if the connection works without it here as well and it does not.

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