Powerline prompt for zsh for xfce terminal

I’m in love with manjaro ever since I installed it on my machine, and so did my brother installed it too. But I noticed a difference in the terminal that came out of the box in manjaro-gnome version is that it has a cool powerline theme pre-installed in it which really helps when you are working with git repositories.
Well, switching from bash (default in xfce) to zsh wasn’t a big deal. But I wasn’t able to setup powerline exactly as it is in gnome version with all the auto completions and icons which is show in this post.

They mentioned about the manjaro-zsh-config so I wonder if they have a special config file to setup.
If anyone know about this or have a link to a github repository would be really apperaciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you have installed manjaro-zsh-config just copy template from/etc/skel/ to your home and source ~/.zshrc :wink:

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Thanks a lot, it works! :star_struck:

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