Power Management Errors

Anyone knows how to solve this.It’s just happens after latest update

Did you already try to follow the instructions in the error-message ?

Yah.It happens only when I want to open configure power saving option from battery icon.
Default button not work.And I can’t enter the power saving profile via this.

$ pamac search --files powerdevilprofilesconfig.desktop
/usr/share/applications/kcm_powerdevilprofilesconfig.desktop is owned by powerdevil

Is this package installed?

They have likely ‘installed’ some third party version into their home … and its broken.
(pretty weird path to store them in too)

This package is installed…

Sometimes linux world looks very strange… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Please avoid pictures of text, especially terminal outputs. You can copy&paste it here. GUI Windows are an exception.

Anyway, this path seems to be broken:


looks like it was doubled.

The path seems to be broken but I don’t do anything.I just upgraded the manjaro version and this happens.
Now please tell me how can I fixed that.

It is clearly a modification which was made by you. There is usually no “kcms” folder in your home folder. So you should know better what you modified. :man_shrugging:

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I did nothing…
Manjaro did…So that blames goes to manjaro…!!!

Will you tell me a way to fix that…
I dont want to reinstall manjaro…please

Since you are the only one with that problem, it is hard to believe that.

I don’t know what you have done, so I can only point you in a direction. Check for example the desktop file. Is there one in your home folder?

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No. There is no such file such that name.
Will you give me a way so that the powerdevil profile come back at any cost…!

Create a new user account, login, and check if it is working. If so, then a modification in your home folder is to blame.

Creating a new profile . The issue has gone on that profile.
But it doesnt help me.Because I dont want to create new account as I have a lot of work save in my current profile. :cry: