Power button action: shuts down instead oft suspend since last update

Before the last update pressing the power button on my surface go 2 suspended it and everything was fine. Now after the update the power button shuts the tablet down, which is not so nice.

Is this only my problem oder is this a gerneral problem? Does someone know a workaround?

Thanks already.

Under Settings > Power > Suspend & Power Button, you can set Power Button Behavior to Suspend.

Thanks for your fast reply. But there I can only toggle battery-percentage. Maybe my system is broken, because there is no other button (see screenshot).

And yes I cannot scroll down anymore.

What’s the output of:

hostnamectl chassis

It should be laptop. If it’s not, set it and see if that does the trick:

hostnamectl chassis laptop
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Thanks a lot! This is the solution. It was set to vm. Now everything works fine for me.

How can I thank you for your help?

You just did. :wink:


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