Power BI on wine

Hi everyone, I’m kind of new here and have recently switched to Linux distros for my development career. However, while I am not currently employed as a coder, I will be working with Power BI. The issue is that my laptop is kinda crap (one of the reasons I couldn’t stand Windows anymore) and does not run Power BI very well. I want to know from you guys if it’s more feasible to continue using my current dual-boot setup or if running Power BI on Wine is a good option. Thanks in advance

Is not Power BI a ‘cloud’ application?
So the net client may be acceptable.
You can also run windoze in a virtual machine.
(but then again a VM on a weak machine may not be very practical either)

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The cloud service doesn’t have the same functionality as the desktop application. To be precise, the desktop app can author reports, while the cloud one only allows sharing, collaboration and consumption.

From what I’ve seen online, it doesn’t seem feasible to run it on either Wine or CrossOver. If you have a fairly decent CPU, I’d spend a few bucks upgrading the hardware and maybe run Windows in a VM.

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I guess i will keep with the dual boot to use this software and maybe some games, i think the VM will be more heavy.

Vm is way heavier than wine. The question is will it work at all.

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