Postfix update configuration

In the update log I noticed that I need to do something because of the postfix upgrade… Did anybody figure out what to do? and can anybody help me out please?

How to update the /etc/postfix/ configuration accordingly?
And how to use postmap to convert existing databases?

Thank you

Pacman log:

Upgrading postfix (3.8.6-1 -> 3.9.0-2)...
WARNING: Support for BDB hash: and btree: database types has been removed, the default database type is now lmdb.
Please update your configuration accordingly, and use postmap to convert existing databases.

I strongly suspect you will receive better answers somewhere dealing with postfix or even on stackexchange. I just cannot imagine many manjaro users run postfix servers. But maybe you will have luck.

I suspect that these where database types that where not in use or default for a looong time already and support for them is now finally discontinued.
You likely have no problem - but you should check which type of database your installation uses to be sure.

The removal of functionality usually only comes after several warnings about deprecation of said functionality.

Depending on how old your postfix installation is there is a fair change you don’t need to do anything.

The obvious places to look would be something like this …

Unfortunately not. The hole thing is, at the moment, specific to Arch and Arch based Distributions. The Postfix Developer did not removed this functionality. The core problem is the incompatible license of db version > 5.3 and postfix.

Then there was some discussion and then the Arch Postfix maintainer switched Postfix to lmdb

Check if you use postmap files. A common one is for alias_maps but there are a lot of places. You just need to check your config file. It can be only a path to a file or it starts with a prefix like hash: or btree:. Both hash: and btree: maps need to be recreated.

You need to replace hash: and btree: with lmdb: . And you should also add lmdb: if you use a path to a map file without it. But since it is the default, not required.

Then run postmap, since lmdb is the default, it is just

postmap /path/to/textfile

postmap will create /path/to/textfile.lmdb. In you should be

some_option_maps = lmdb:/path/to/textfile