Post-processing of recorded Audio with Audacity's "Voice Changer" Effect

I submitted a question 14 days ago, or so … even my English is much then I realized, a User (Winnie) was very quick in answering my question.

To put a big fat underscore under the fact that I should have been “Ground Zero”, for measuring how much of a newbie a Person is … I assumed that the plug-in “Winnie” was talking about, was just a standard Windows Plug-in / Effect. Therefor, full of optimism, I closed the Request (I am fully aware of the fact, that this a arch-Linux(Manjaro) forum. Also I’m running Manjaro as I daily driver, and loving it… but some Applications just still aren’t running on/ported to Linux, but such is life!).

I’ve been trying to find this Plug-in / Effect for a couple of weeks now, without any luck… therefor, feeling pretty stupid, I’m forced to submit yet another Request for help…

… cause of the Newbie I’m, I can’t even seem find a way to DM “Winnie” about this (I have tried choosing the Avatar, and looking for the “Mail”-symbol, but I can’t seem find the Symbol/Button). So that optimism I was feeling?? Yeah, not so much anymore!!

So this, technically, a DM … but if any other member of the forum that wanna to pitch in, please fell free to do so!!

Also I’m Autistic, with ADHD … not that anyone have noticed that, with my “essay-in-length” Help requests, right??!

Audacity comes with some predefined Effects that you can use. The Pitch, Speed and a touch of Treble can do what you want, alter your recorded voice and make is sound like somebody else voice.


Youtubers like Alex Halford and Kevin Stratvert have complete tutorials about the use of audio editors like Audacity.

Your help request is a bit out of the scope of Manjaro forum. Most likely if someone would ask for assistance on 3D modeling will be redirected or encourage to check dedicated forums for such topics …

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Okay, thanks the head ups, and sorry for any discomfort I may have caused … also for my English, I’m not using it very often (so apparently you DO lose it, if you don’t use it) … also for my weird sense of humor, I don’t mean offense!!

… also I’ll close my request, and again, for the heads up!!

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All good, no harms done, and we are a bunch here with a weird sense of humor, so, welcome to the club! :sweat_smile:

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