Possible to reuse Cinnamon notifications deamon with Openbox?

I have a Manjaro Cinnamon installation and i use it daily with no issues , i also installed Openbox alonside and have set it up ,i have two questions

  • Every time i log out using lightdm to swith de’s i notice that some applications like redshift are loading and running twice ,is there a solution or known workaround for this?

  • Also i am trying to reuse cinnamon’s notifications deamon to work with openbox if possible, how do i start the deamon in openbox? or how can i achieve this?

thanks in advance for every help

ok for the part of the duplicate user processes after switching de’s via lightdm logout, it seems to be a lightdm “issue”

so the solution that is working for me is to edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf and set KillUserProcesses=yes