Possible to move only root partition to a ssd?

I have my root directory (/) with 57Gb partitioned with /home. I want to move / to a SSD of 120Gb. Is this possible? Keep /home in a HDD? I see a lot of ways to do this in my searches and just need some help if a problem occurs.
What is the best and safe way? I don’t use UEFI.

I found this guide: How do I install Manjaro on an SSD and other partitions on another HDD? - Newbie Corner - Manjaro Linux Forum

I think is not possible to keep /home in a HDD partition and the root partition in the SSD.

Yes, it is very easy to do.

In /etc/fstab give the root (/) mount point to the SSD. And the home (/home) mount point to the HDD.

If you already have everything on the HD and an empty SSD, there are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Format the SSD and copy the boot and EFI partitions over (partition copy with clonezilla or any other partition tool), and make a root partition. Then copy everything in / (but not /home) to the / partiotion of the SSD. Then chroot into the SSD and install grub. And edit /etc/fstab for the 2 disks with the 2 mount points ( / and /home)

  2. Or if you are a newbie, it may be easier to start a new install on the SSD. Then boot the SSD, edit /etc/fstab with the /home on the HD, copy everything other than /home from the HD to the SSD so you can kepp all the applications you already had. And then delete everything you don’t need on the HD.

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I will try the first option you gave.

If you know how to do an archlinux from scratch install (for chroot, grub install, etc…) + how to copy partitions (don’t forget that with clonezilla you can only copy partitions smaller than the target disk, so for the big partition (/) you will have to create it and then copy the files over to the SSD), this will be easy for you.

Otherwise the 2nd option would be easier I think.

I used rsync to copy all partition / excluding /home and others HDDs to the mounted SSD directory. Edited fstab, then rebooted with a pendrive of Manjaro, did a manjaro-chroot, installed grub on the SSD and updated grub. Rebooted again and I am working on it.
Thanks for the help! :slightly_smiling_face:

*Now I have the old Manjaro as a boot option. I will keep it for a period as I am testing my new SSD.

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