Possible to merge partitions?

I am having a space issue as you can see in the picture i have only 736mb left. So i want to add more gb to the partition
Can someone please point me how to do it properly.
All important data is on the big partition

My only concern is that by adding more space to sdb2 this does not end up full again.

You can’t merge partitions, you can only remove one and then extend the other.

Alright so what should I do to solve this issue?

Remove a partition and then extend the other.
Although i suppose you’d want to copy the data from the to-be-removed partition to the to-be-extended one beforehand.


So i have to Delete sdb2 that will merge space as Unallocated, and then create a new Primary partition with File system ext4
Align to MiB?
Any partition name and label?

Important data is on the big partition. I don’t know what’s important from sdb2 that might affect functionality

Unallocated space is not a partition.
Do you want to merge partitions? Or to use the unallocated space?

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You could shrink the big partition and then grow the one that is full, but be warned it will take a long time.

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What the computer needs is more space in sdb2. So i need to use the new unallocated space in a way to add those extra gb to sdb2.
In not sure how to create a new sdb2 with 40gb instead of the actual 18.63. Or merge them.

I did it if you take a look at the operations pending.
I took 20gb from the big one.
Now i need to add the new space to sdb2.
How should I do that?
I have plenty of time :slight_smile:

If you can’t extend a partition to the left – because the file table is usually at the beginning of a partition – you can move it to the left then extend it to the right.

So is this the right way?

Looks good.
Aligning to sector should prevent small unallocations between partitions, although that’s not guaranteed.


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So I’m good to go?
Sorry did not understand the last part
Can i Apply and leave the 1mb unallocated?

Sorry, but you did realize that I am a complete ignorant in this. :sweat_smile:

I did it and worked perfect. No data loss.
I hope now it wont fill up again because if that happens then it would be a different issue

For future reference, the procedure is fully documented here.

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