Possible to make Pamac not to update unrelated other packages when installing an app?

When I start Add/Remove Software (Pamac), search for an app, and try to install it, Pamac installs all the available updates with it. Manually marking each of them “Ignore” and then later un-ignore to update them does not seem an ideal way. I tried unchecking “Check for updates” in the Preferences, but that completely disabled any update feature.

So, does Pamac currently have a way to disable automatic installation of other, unrelated packages and install only the packages that I am trying to install, just like pacman -S <package name>?

…which is what it is supposed to do. Avoid partial updates, this will break your system.


It does. Read the man page, it will tell you how to do this.

However, it is highly discouraged.

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Yes. In PreferencesAdvancedDo not check for updates when installing

But do realise that with such setting - if <pkgname>-<pkgver>-<pkgrel>.pkg.tar.zst has been removed then - because your metadata does not match the mirror - you will get a 404 - file not found.

This leads to - for the inexperienced user - confusion and thoughts that there is something wrong - and thus default is to check for updates.

The fact that you have to ask - indicates that are not yet KingOfManjaro as you do not fully understand the implications of what you want to do.

Oh - no problem - I just use -Sy <pkgname> - I get the new metadata and all is dandy.

No - don’t ever do that as this may lead to a partially synced system - and that is unsupported.

So - unless you really know what you are doing - you should always use -Syu <pkgname>.


There are many ways to break your system.

You might see it as an inconvenience to be prompted to install 2GiB of packages when you only wanted to install a 120kb package via Pamac…

However, Manjaro might find it inconvenient that you want to install one new package on your outdated system.

This is a rolling distribution - and already, we have many criticisms from folks who had issues with - for example - AUR packages which are updated ahead of Manjaro (delayed Arch effect) which leads to a whole lot of FUD in all kinds of other issues.

The upside is that, unlike when I used Debian in the past, I haven’t seen ‘broken’ or ‘held back’ or otherwise mucked up package problems which take a while to figure out and repair.

So please, stop the whining and get your updates :wink:


…and you’ve certainly been known to prove that fact. :wink:

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Sure, but not through skipping updates.

If you don’t break it, you’re just not trying hard enough.


Yes, yes, and as someone once said; “It’s human to err”



This approach is asking for trouble

If you keep shouting loud enough, you might get what you want.