Possible to get or create a minimal image for PT2?

Since the PineTab2 doesn’t appear to be supported by the manjaro-arm-installer tool yet, I was wondering if it’d be possible to get or create my own minimal image for the PT2. I’d like to play around with Gnome Mobile and see if i can get it to start/test it out.

I know I could use the Phosh of Plasma images already available, but I have no idea what packages are included for the DEs in the images, and feel a clean base would be better.

Searching the forum usually helps


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I’ve been following that thread and currently have a Phosh img on an SD, but the release images are only available as KDE Plasma, Plasma, Mobile, Phosh, and XFCE. There’s no headless img, and per the docs for manjaro-arm-installer, the PineTab2 is not yet supported by the script. If it is, and the docs just haven’t been updated, I’ve got no problem making my own img!

PT2 Images

thanks for the link @spikerguy I’m actually running the Phosh 20230904 img from an SD now, but wanted to try starting from a DE-free img to try testing out the gnome mobile shell package in the repos. I’m not sure how successful I’ve been in ripping out Phosh to start “fresh” for the experimental DE. I’ll just bide my time until the PT2 makes it to the arm-installer script. Probably the easiest option for right now.

Gnome-Mobile is currently broken. Maybe with Gnome 45 it might work again.

I can add minimum image to the ci but it is not what everyone wants to use.

It would be better if you can generate a minimum image locally.

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what about buildarmimg?

sudo pacman -S manjaro-arm-tools

build command:
sudo buildarmimg -d pinetab2 -e minimal -b unstable -x

img build folder:

profiles folder:

maybe this will help


Can do on stable branch if the user needs to use it for production.
sudo buildarmimg -d pinetab2 -e minimal -b stable -x

Thank you! this was exactly what I was looking for! I figured most people wouldn’t be as interested in a minimal image as I am, but couldn’t figure out if the build tool had support for the PT2 yet. Now I know I was looking at the wrong build tool/wrong place.

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