Possible to freeze current Manjaro Software Packages - no update/upgrade?

I know about the general principle of rolling-releases but as I had two broken systems within 18 days I am really concerned about software updates that break down my systems in future.

I am wondering if I could simply deactivate the rolling-release without blocking me installing additional software (from snap/flatpak maybe only). I don’t need the latest packages and also most of current security patches are not that critical to me - running my system is more important than removing a potential risk.

Thanks for letting me know your opinions about that topic and sharing your solutions to overcome this problem.

Br Daniel

Sure, you can just not do updates at all.

But you would have to get new software installations via flatpak, snap or appimages, since repo and AUR software will not work on out-of-date systems.

Any idea how to set up Manjaro to not upgrade any repo-software? And will it be still possible to use the GUI installation software to add flatpak/snap software?

I think disabling the systemd update service would be a good place to implement my changes - or?

Thanks, Daniel

Manjaro does not have any auto updates enabled. Just don’t update software.

If you use Pamac to install software, it will also update everything, because it does not support partial updates.

So you need to install/update flatpak, snap and appimages via commandline.

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