Possible To Disable Webcam Camera Somewhere In KDE Plasma?


Is there a simple method to temporarily disable webcam camera somewhere in KDE Plasma?
Let me know, thanks!


Is the webcam internal or external?

Either a Fn-key shortcut or in the firmware

Perhaps you can use an udev rule to disable it.

Webcam is external, plugged into through USB.

Is it glued into the USB socket?

No, not glued…

Plugged into back of large desktop, don’t want to repeatedly plug in/out.

Would be nice if somebody makes a system settings module for it. But in the mean time, you can install cameracontrol. The package is somewhat broken, please read my comment in the link to fix the PKGBUILD as well as running the application without crashing. The .sh wrapper script may need fixes, as it tries to run as root instead of only gaining root privilege from the currently running user. It’s rather not so responsive, though, I think it polls too often I might fork and fix it, as the development seems to have halted.

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sudo modprobe -r uvcvideo


sudo modprobe uvcvideo
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