Possible to dig out an old thread?

In spring 2020 on the ‘old’ forum I started a thread about teaching Linux in schools (by using Manjaro, of course!). It became a very good discussion, @philm took part in it, and contained a lot of valuable information for myself and, hopefully, for many others too. I published the whole lesson planning for the benefit of anyone who might want to bring Linux to the class room.

I would like to recover that thread, but I cannot find it in the archives. Here is the original link:
Do admins have a way of recovering it?

Nobody can log in the old forum. Something was saved during the process of recovering it, from the server admin side, but is unusable from what i gathered.
That topic seems to have been made in the lounge from back then, hence even the link provided in here, is no longer accessible, as the lounge was not public.

If you took some notes back then, mention them and someone will provide more fresh ideas in a new discussion here.