Possible to Auto Start a Program docked in System Tray?

Is it possible to auto start a program, for me Rustdesk, and have it startup docked into the system tray, not on the taskbar? If so how would it be done?
Thank You for any help

If the application developer has created such a thing, for example qbittorrent has the option to minimize to tray, start minimized, etc. So you would need only autostart it.

Give it a read. Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

A quick Google search indicated to me that it is currently not possible to minimise Rustdesk to the system tray in Linux. However, a workaround could be to install alltray from the repos & then use that to send Rustdesk to the tray.

Here’s the man page: alltray(1) — Arch manual pages

If you create a bash script to start Rustdesk with the relevant alltray commands, you could then add that script to KDE’s autostart via System Settings => Startup and Shutdown => Autostart.

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I can auto start it easy enough, what I want is for it to auto start minimized to system tray. Thank you though.

This I will look into, thank you.

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