Possible improvement of game-devices-udev

I was wondering if the default package game-devices-udev could be improved to forbid autosuspend for these devices. I recently modified my /etc/tlp.conf file to add the Xbox controller device to the USB_BLACKLIST parameter so it doesn’t disconnect anymore after long time unused (or else I had to unplug and replug it for it to work, which is a real annoyance with these bloody USB ports on the back always the wrong way or closing themselves when you don’t look at them :joy:). I tried to search for info about udev rules, but didn’t find a way to do that, I found people disabling autosuspend completely but nothing for a specific device rule.

So is it possible, for example in this udev rule /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/71-microsoft-controllers.rules to disable autosuspend for this device?

If it is possible, maybe that would be relevant to have all the controllers rules in the game-devices-udev package, to add the autosuspend blacklist automatically, as I think people do not want to unplug/replug their controller to have them work again when autosuspend shut them down.

I suggest creating an issue upstream or submitting an MR if you already have an implementation.

Thanks for the links, but I obviously have no MR to submit, as I’m asking if this is possible, also why I will not open an issue as issues are not for asking random questions.

Just if someone know about the udev rules, if they know of a way to achieve what I’m asking for, please share.

At this point when I will have more information, I could open an issue if this is possible, or even try to create a MR but for now I think it is irrelevant to go there.