Portuguese (Nativo) keyboard layout is wrong

Hi, I recently switched over from Kubuntu. One thing I noticed after switching is that with both the Portuguese (no dead keys) works perfectly with the exception of accents/tildes obviously not working. Portuguese (Nativo), which I assume should be the same thing but with tilde/accent keys working, is completely different though and nothing is matched properly. Accents do work but are matched to the wrong key

Instead of Qwerty you get: ',.hxw
Instead of Asdf you get: ieao

Portuguese (Macintosh), Portuguese for US keyboards, and all the Brazilian Portuguese keyboards work but are obviously slightly different. Which means there’s no keyboard that I can tell that actually works for European Portuguese. Is this an issue only I’m having? And is there a way to fix this without manually remapping my keyboard?


:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

The only thing I could do for you is add some :portugal: tags to your question. Hopefully this will attract the other ones here who will be more useful than me!

If you migrated from Kubuntu, we can only assume you’re on KDE Manjaro, but that’s not mentioned anywhere, so please update your profile as well???


I just have Portuguese > Default in Manjaro Settings and then Generic 86 Keys PC in System Settings.

However, I do have a small wireless keyboard for which I don’t have a configuration that fully works. I need to set bindings for that one.

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Sorry about that! Should’ve clarified, I’m using xfce Manjaro

My brazilian portuguese keyboard is working perfectly fine on Manjaro Gnome.

I think it’s ABNT2, but I’m not completely sure.

Not sure if this information helps, but it’s better to say something than to stay silent.

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Thank you, I think I’ll try using that, it’s slightly different to the keyboards in portugal, but it’s the closest one that works

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I’m not sure what the Portuguese (Nativo) keyboard represents, but I just selected the default Portuguese (just Portuguese) and it works perfectly on my portuguese keyboard.

I tried any possible configuration offered to make the accentuation works with my us international keyboard unsuccessfully:

In the end I sticked with the international default. “English (US, intl, with dead keys)”

My surprise is in the Firefox the accentuation works amazingly, but all others programs (I suppose use the KDE keyboard layout as base) like FreeOffice, VYM - View Your Mind, etc, the accentuation is completely ignored.
Also, the Terminal doesnt write character as ~, ´, " etc.
In my opinion, this situation is serious bad because I cannot offer to people who needs to write in Portuguese to replace the Windows for Manjaro/KDE with an issue on something so basic. :pensive:

Great news! :clap:t2: :+1:t2:
Today I got an update and the keyboard layout English ¨(US, intl, with dead keys)¨ starts to work as expected with accentuation!
Thanks a lot to fix it!

The version I have installed is:
KDE Plasma Version: 5.21.5
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.82.0
Qt Version: 5.15.2
Kernel: 5.10.36-2-MANJARO
GP: X11