Popcorntime: Error opening file .config/gtk-3.0/window_decorations.css


Installed today popcorntime 0.4.4-1 from AUR, when launching from command line works perfectly fine but shows this message log:


(popcorntime:143484): Gtk-WARNING **: 18:08:39.040: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:2:33: Failed to import: Error opening file /home/Tribble/.config/gtk-3.0/window_decorations.css: No such file or directory

DevTools listening on ws://
(node:143528) [DEP0005] DeprecationWarning: Buffer() is deprecated due to security and usability issues. Please use the Buffer.alloc(), Buffer.allocUnsafe(), or Buffer.from() methods instead.

Looks like something wrong with your gtk theme selection.
Make sure to go set that in System Settings > Application Style
If that doesnt work, then backup/move the ~/.config/gtk-3.0 directory (so you have it saved but it is ‘deleted’ so it can be refreshed new) and set GTK theme again.


Thank you. Fixed changing Application Style from Breeze to Oxygen and Window Decorations from Breeze to Plastik.

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Thanks, that worked for me as well, sort of! Switching styles to and back generated the window_decorations.css
While this error hasn’t prevented me from using any GTK applications, the error has bothered me whenever I run such programs through terminal.

Maybe the default configuration is not applied properly or something. Note that I installed directly Manjaro kde (plasma), not Gnome and then switch.

I’ve only used KDE, as well.

It seems there’s a glitch with the generated window_decorations.css, where icons in GTK applications can become oversized. This seems to be true for a fresh ~/.config/gtk-3.0 as well. Either I rename/move the .css file, or have to change GTK theme back and forth after every boot to fix this.

I did not have any further problem, even after reboot. Maybe it’s the default theme? Just change both permanently to different ones like I did.

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