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First time posting, new to Manjaro, and I don’t see where this has been requested as a feature before so let me ask…

In the lower-right corner of the desktop (KDE but may be on other DE’s) there is a time/date area. When I click on that I get a pop-up calendar, which is nice, but when I double-click on a date nothing happens and I want to add a schedule/appointment for the date I click on. So, I am suggesting (and others may find this useful as well) this ability. I have seen it done in other Distro’s and I see that it is working the way I expected it to in the Manjaro Deepin edition but not here in my favorite KDE Plasma release. Any chance that the wizards at Manjaro can make this happen? I think it would be a great addition/feature.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This calendar applet you are referring to is most likely the Digital Clock widget. You can select an alternative widget for that by right-clicking the clock widget ─ you may have to enter edit mode on the desktop first ─ with a more elaborate calendar functionality.

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Thank you for the quick reply. I swapped out the ‘Digital Clock’ widget with a widget titled, “Event Calendar” and now it is working. The ‘Event Calendar’ does display the time in the corner as well so I haven’t lost anything… just gained more functionality. Again… thanks.

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The only downside (could be a positive as well) of replacing Digital Clock with Event Calendar is that it sync’s your appointments/schedules with Google Calendar (does not save events on local drives) whereas with the Manjaro Deepin DE it is built-in and stored locally. Regardless, the widget ‘Event Calendar’ is a god-send for what I need.

This is only if you have enabled Google Calendar, which requires you to have a Google account and be logged in there. :wink:

Without the above, it would normally save the data in a local Akonadi database. :wink:

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Seriously? Wow, I didn’t know that. Trying to find how to switch it from Google to local. When I right-click it and select, “Configure Event Calendar…” I enter the, “Event Calendar Settings - Plasma” screen then select, “Calendar” but in there all I see are two options for when you click on the date – 1.) New Google Calendar Event (Web Browser) and 2.) Do nothing

Would love to store everything on a local database instead of syncing with Google Calendar but I don’t see how to do it.

If you enter the data in KOrganizer then it should be stored locally.

Disclaimer: I haven’t used KOrganizer in a long time, but it still shows me popups regarding people’s upcoming birthdays, and I have not put any of that information into any Google app.

With Event Calendar, I think you can scroll down to ICalendar (.ics) in the configuration window and click New Calendar to create a new .ics calendar, avoiding using the Google Calendar.

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