Pop-shell keyboard shortcuts


How do I apply pop shell shortcuts to my gnome system settings?

Install gnome-control-center-pop-shell-shortcuts


Will do. Thank you

Sorry for being a month later, but I can’t find the package. How do I install it?

It was removed as the keybindings are now part of Pop Shell.

Some of the shortcuts are still the default GNOME shortcuts. Super+Up arrow doesn’t switch window focus, it maximizes the window.

The Pop Shell custom shortcuts were always set by Pop Shell to begin with via configure.sh which is run after installation to apply them. However, @Chrysostomus customized a few in our package.

The old gnome-control-center-pop-shell-shortcuts was just GNOME Control Center with System76’s patch to add the Pop Shell categories and shortcuts to it. As I mentioned, that’s now integrated into Pop Shell instead.

Understood, thank you for explaining.