Polybar error message "/bin/sh: check-network: command not found"

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Open the pipe menu, click Preferences and Polybar

Click on Edit configs Running bars Openbox bar

Remove the module “Network” present on the last line and save the file


The question is, why is a tutorial even needed? Is there an issue with the Polybar default config in Openbox that should be addressed? @linux-aarhus

It seems to me that manjaro-openbox-scripts 2.3-1 is missing the check-network script. This script is also missing from polybar-themes13 github repo. So I manually downloaded the one from polybar-themes12. But it would be better to have this script as a part of manjaro-openbox-scripts package.


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I didn’t even know this polybar-themes repo :slight_smile:

For as long as I remember the script has not been an active part of the openbox configuration - so keeping the repo clean - unused scripts are removed.

I do use another script which I can add to the package and symlink as check-network - no problem.

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Is not a default config on Polybar, I’am a simple user and I find this error message “/bin/sh: check-network: command not found” after the last update and I find the solution for remove this message. I want just help the others users to sharing a solution with this [how to], simply.

A jaw dropping collection of polybar scripts

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I have updated the openbox scripts package - besides the openbox functionality scripts - it contains a couple of scripts to be used with polybar.

The check-network script is back in a modified version which displays your local IP whether it is eth or wifi.


Along with a network-check-wan script - which will display your public IP and detect if you are using an OpenVPN or your ISP and display the corresponding IP address.


A couple of utility scripts has also been added and these extra scripts are

fpf               # requires fzf
pdif              # requires meld
srm_guified.sh    # use as Thunar custom action

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