Polkit error since install

I have problem with polkit since install. I run it on VM and it was install by the service provider. I do not have out-of-band access to it. So I install xrdp via ssh. When I try to “Add or Remove” program in the xfce, it gets failed to authenticate error. It did not prompt me for password. I saw a few posts about polkit problem. I tried to install additional polkit but no effect. I decided to switch to KDE environment and I still get errors trying to authenticate in GUI.

Any idea where I should be looking? I only recently start to use Manjaro.

Didn’t figured out how to run polkit properly. But found a workaround:

(Since the forum won’t let me include links, search this title on this forum [[HowTo] Bypass prompt root permissions password everywhere|20201021])

Not ideal, but a workaround.